Monday, April 27, 2020

Looking for Cofounders

In order for any product to grow, it needs people who believe in it. At ClassHill, our goal is to create a platform that is used by every university student to communicate with their peers and to keep connected with their faculty and campuses.

All this is easier said than done, and to actually do it we're looking for people who believe that ClassHill can succeed. If this post is up, then we're still looking for cofounders.

Who are we?

Currently, we're a team of two (brothers) pursuing this full-time. We're both programmers with enough knowledge to develop safe and scalable apps for the web and for mobile devices. For ClassHill, we do everything from designing the front-end to maintaining the back-end. I, Sean, graduated from Ryerson's Business program with a focus on I.T and Finance. My brother Ahsan is graduating from UofT's comp. sci program in the summer of 2020.

Who are we looking for?

If you're interested in joining ClassHill, we highly encourage you to create an account to check out our existing platform. If you're unable to create an account, please send us an email at and we'd be more than happy to set one up for you. This will help you determine if what we're building is something that actually excites you.

As for what we're looking for... Our main goal is to ramp up our marketing efforts to accelerate our reach to Toronto based universities. This means anyone with a mind for marketing campaigns and outreach would be a huge asset. If you have the following qualities, please send us an email:
  • Comfortable with reaching out to faculty (e.g. professors, student groups, faculty directors)
  • Willing to attend conferences, seminars, and other events to promote ClassHill. You won't be alone, at least one other person will always join you.
  • Experience in writing blogs and social media content as needed.
  • Willing to move if needed (to San Francisco or the surrounding areas).
What's in it for you?

This is not an employment opportunity and a salary will not be paid. We are looking for a partner to grow ClassHill; that means a significant amount of equity will be provided on a vested basis. And of course, there is the opportunity to create something!

To express your interest, feel free to comment on the blog or send us a message on our Instagram @classhill, or send us an email at

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